Why do two different workouts when you can combine the best of a both into a single, highly effective exercise class? Using just your own bodyweight, without any jumps or high-impact exercises, PIYO Live utilises the strength building movements of Pilates combined with the flexible, flowing sequences of yoga to provide a truly beneficial workout.

What we’ll do

Using choreographed exercises to the latest up-tempo music to crank up the energy, you’ll stretch and strengthen every muscle in your body whilst burning lots of calories in this exciting PIYO workout.

You’ll sculpt your muscles and tighten your core by utilising the benefits of Pilates, and improve your overall strength, flexibility and cardiovascular ability with the flowing, toning sequences of yoga. PIYO Live will give you outstanding, hard core results!

Come and join us

PIYO Live is one of the newest fitness crazes in the UK, and its workout that shouldn’t be missed. Come along to Siddington Village Hall, on Thursday at 6.30pm, and try this low-impact, full body workout that will help transform your muscles, your strength and your fitness! Costing as little at £3.50 per session!!!