James Gaskell (Wasps RUFC)


I came to Emma looking for additional massages to help during an intense pre season and to help with the recovery between my matches! Most massages I find not everyone applies enough pressure, but I thought Emma was great feeling a real benefit post massage.

Catrionia Marshall

Maintenance & Post Training Maintenance

Emma demonstrated a comprehensive understanding of the physiology and required treatment, with Emma's help my marathon went well... excellent sports massage, highly recommended.

Peter Brocklehurst

Lower Back Pain & Stiff Neck

I had never had a sports massage before, it made a significant difference. I was able to move my neck and back more freely. I would recommend Emma.

Gail Hill

Maintenance/Pre & Post Marathon

Fantastic and much needed massage today.. Very tight hamstrings and glutes, loosened off perfect thanks to the expertise and professionalism of Emma, would highly recommend her to anyone

Rod Coombs

Knee Pain, Tight Quadriceps

The result was a revelation I felt a considerable improvement.

Simon Nuttall


As a regular tennis player, I’ve been regularly fixed and loosened by Emma. I would be a sore and crumpled mess without her, and would have hung up my tennis racket a while ago. I can’t recommend her enough.

Sharron Jones

Pre & Post Marathon

The best sports massage I've had over the past 9 years.
Yard 6

Claire Gilchrist-Dick

Back Issues

I am very happy to write this testimonial for Emma Venables, as I have been a very happy, satisfied client for over 2 years. As an ex Cross Country runner in my youth, then keen Sportswoman and Equestrian I have suffered with back issues for many years. I was recommended to try Emma, via a friend who also rides and runs marathons. I started having regular treatments which enables me to remain pain free, loose and supple in my back to allow me to progress and compete my horses competitively. She now maintains things once a month for me which I find works brilliantly for me. She has also assisted in the rehab of 2 knee operations last year which were as a result of running wear and tear.I find her to be extremely reliable, professional and friendly and recommend her to many friends and colleagues. My husband is also a regular client.


Muscle Knots

Elaine :- Emma always manages to find knots in muscles I didn't know I had but she usually manages to release them and I always feel relaxed and more flexible afterwards. Emma has great knowledge and will always recommend a stretch or exercise that may help with a particularly sore or tight muscle.


Aching Muscles

When I have done 100 miles of hilly cycling Emma has the power to sort out my aching muscles.