If you’re experiencing recurring problems or niggling aches and pains, it may be that your muscles and joints are moving and working in unnatural ways. This constant, abnormal strain can be the route of many issues for a lot of clients. A Functional Movement Screening (FMS) could be just what you need. Book in for an assessment with us, and we’ll analyse the way your body moves through a variety of exercises. From these results, we can make effective recommendations and treatment on how to reduce pain and prevent injury from occurring. Simply fill in the form on the right, or get in touch!

What is Functional Movement Screening?

A typical FM screen consists of 7 different tests, each of which looks at a fundamental movement that requires a balance of mobility and stability. As you perform each exercise, we use a ranking and grading system to assess how you move and note any irregularity. We screen each movement by looking at multi-plane and multi-join movements, and the subsequent demand certain actions and positions place on the body. When we can see functional limitations, weaknesses, imbalances and asymmetries, we can begin work to correct them!

Types of screening tests

There are 7 main movements assessed during a typical FMS:
  • Deep Squat - Focusing on the lower body, this assesses the bilateral, symmetrical and functional mobility of your hips, knees and ankles.
  • Hurdle Step - Still with the lower body joints, this analyses the bilateral functional mobility and stability of the hips, knees and ankles.
  • Inner Lunge - As an all body movement, we look here at your torso, shoulder, hip and ankle mobility and stability, your quadriceps flexibility and your knee stability.
  • Shoulder Mobility - This focuses solely on your bilateral shoulder range of motion, where common pains develop.
  • Active Straight Leg Raise - This assesses your active hamstrings and calf flexibility, whilst maintaining a stable pelvis and active extension in the opposite leg.
  • Trunk Stability Push Up - Analysing the stability of your trunk in remaining symmetrical, we have you perform an upper extremity motion here.
  • Rotary Stability - Looking at your multi-plane trunk stability, we analyse the effects of an upper and lower extremity motion.

Who can it benefit?

As a constant and reliable testing method, an FMS uses proven science to easily identify any movement limitation and dysfunction you might have. If you think you might be having difficulty with any range of motion and want to pinpoint the problem, it’s perfect for you. An FMS is ideal for anyone in sports who wants to improve their efficiency, durability and performance, but the same also applies to those who are having trouble with every day activities too. A screening test and the subsequent results can inform extremely beneficial changes and treatment. Perhaps most importantly, if you’re new or returning to exercise, and are worried about your range of motion, an FMS can provide the ideal foundation for a training programme specific to your needs.

Why Premier?

We’re a Certified FMS member, which means we’ve been fully trained in conducting effective screening tests, analysing the results and recommending corrective solutions that can make a real difference to you. To book a Functional Movement Screening, or find out more, just fill in the form on the right, or contact us.