You may know it by its more common name; ‘that magical, bright coloured tape!’ That’s because the Kinesio Taping Method really can work miracles by enhancing the body’s natural healing process, and providing effective support at a time when it’s needed most.

Retain your freedom of movement whilst still relieving aches & pains, supporting muscles, and encouraging efficient recovery. Get in touch via the form on the right if you, your club or your sports team may benefit from effective KT tape applications.

What is it, and what does it do?

Kinesio tape is a highly flexible elastic piece of cloth tape, which is carefully applied to muscles and joints following a clinical evaluation and assessment of the injury or recurring pain. An effective Kinesio Taping can provide full support and stability to your muscles and joints, without affecting your circulation or your range of motion.

There are a number of different ways the tape can be applied to provide extended soft-tissue manipulation and relief from achy muscles, depending on the affected area. As the skin isn’t compressed underneath the tape, it feels light and comfortable, offering a wide range of movement. It’s water and sweat resistant, and can generally be worn for 3 - 5 days.

Why is it different from traditional sports tape?

Traditional sports tapes are wrapped around the joint quite rigidly, as they are designed strictly to provide support and stability during a sporting event. This means that the taped joint has a limited ability to move, and can often result in an obstruction of the flow of bodily fluids, which is an undesirable side effect.

Kinesio tape however is non-restrictive, stretching and moving with joints and muscles, whilst still providing full support. You’ll have a full range of motion, without the continuous wrapping of tape. KT also works with the lymphatic system to increase circulation of the blood and lymph, and can reduce overall muscle fatigue too.

How is Kinesio Taping beneficial?

For local sports players and elite athletes, this world-renown taping method can be highly effective at:

  • Re-educating the neuromuscular system
  • Reducing aches and pains in muscles and joints
  • Encouraging muscles to work more efficiently and improve performance
  • Preventing injury (acute or recurring)
  • Promoting improved circulation and faster healing
  • Allowing regular and sporting activities to continue

Why Premier?

We’re fully qualified in the application of Kinesio taping, and with our mobile clinic, we help individuals and teams at a wide variety of clubs across Cheshire. With extensive experience working with elite athletes, we can combine KT taping with other treatments like sports massage to ensure a full and effective recovery from injury.

Whether you need to get back into the game urgently, or you just require extra muscle support during a time of healing, get in touch here or complete the form on the right today!