If you are suffering from aches and pains due to your day-to-day activities, or you’ve sustained an injury or recurring issue from playing sports, a deep-tissue massage treatment could be the starting point on the road to full recovery.

Come and find out how a sports massage can benefit you, and get the personal help and support you need to overcome any recurring problems. Just fill in the form on the right, and we’ll be in touch!

What is a sports massage?

A sports massage is a special type of massage therapy that works deep into the muscles, targeting those areas which may be particularly tense, tight or problematic. Studies have shown it’s a highly effective mechanism to help loosen muscles and relieve tension, refreshing the aches and pains, ironing out those reoccurring niggles and helping with the prevention of any injuries by correcting irregularities.

By working both the superficial and deep muscles, the treatment allows any tightness to be significantly reduced, and ensures longer lasting results than just a light superficial massage.

Is it just for athletes?

Absolutely not! You don’t even have to participate in any kind of sport to benefit from a sports massage. Everyone suffers from aches and pains, and many of our clients are just regular people.

Tightness in the neck, shoulders and upper back is a common issue with many office workers who sit at a desk all day long, and we can help relieve that stress and ease any suffering you might be facing!

How can a sports massage help?

Besides pain relief and the soothing of any aches in your body, this kind of treatment has a lot of benefits. A sports massage can:

  • Prevent injuries from developing or reoccurring
  • Loosen restricted joints and muscles, improving movement and flexibility
  • Restore energy when you’re feeling fatigued, by helping to flush toxins out of your body
  • Reduce swelling and inflammation from previous injuries
  • Increase blood and lymphatic circulation
  • Aid rehabilitation and speed up recovery times
  • Ultimately improve your overall performance and fitness

Why Premier?

Every sports massage we perform is precisely tailored to your individual needs, so that we can get to the root of any problems and help you release tension in the best possible way. We’ll alter pressure and techniques to suit your requirements, and incorporate a combination of other treatments including ultrasound and Kinesio taping, if they are required.

This helps to ensure you get the maximum benefit from our therapy, and achieve full fitness as quick as possible. Find out more, or book an appointment, by simply filling in the form on the right!